Mike's Home Page

My home page is finally setup once again!

I used to enjoy my old job - sysadmin in a team looking after roughly 600 servers. They consisted of a mixture of Windows and Solaris based servers. Talking of work stuff... I'm starting a page of tips/tricks I come across that may be useful.

However, after my nice employer sold my team and I to the cheapest bidder, things didnt improve- infact, the opposite happened. Anyway, after trying to make a difference and keep things improving I threw in the towel and wanted out. I decided to start out on my own with an IT Services company offering consultancy, webhosting, design and other value add services. I started the ball rolling on that venture and actually found people willing to pay.

You can send me email at michaelm (at) mjmm.org

If you are looking here because of spam apparently originating from mjmm.org, please rest assured that it is not originated by myself. Spammers are using the mjmm.org domain as a source of spam, which is causing myself to receive many, many bounces for the spam. Sigh.